September 30th, 2009 by MikeK

Austin Loves Food Carts
Trailer, cart, truck, silver bullet, wagon, we got em’ all. Austin loves our Food Carts and they seem to be growing by the day. You see them set up in parking lots, on sidewalks, in groups or standing by themselves they seem to be everywhere. What you don’t know, is that some of the best and freshest food in Austin is served off of these carts. You can get dogs, tacos, Pho, crepes and a multitude of ethnic foods (oops! Can’t forget cupcakes!). Our job here at is to track them for you. Where are they? What kind of food do they serve? When are they open? We are going to leave the reviews for others sites (which we will point you to from time to time), we may do a little editorializing, but primarily we are a directory; a practical guide on where to find them and what they have to eat. The site contains a listing of carts, a map, a search feature, and categories by cuisine types and specific locations. It also contains photos and menus if I can get them. In order for this to work we need your help, to track and turn the carts to us. So if your favorite cart is missing, let me (and the cart owner) know and we will get them posted. Feel free to email me directly or submissions can be made right on the site at the Submission Page.
Warning: Food cart information is especially vulnerable to change (the carts are on wheels after all). Although I will do my best to keep this site updated, any news you send my way will be especially appreciated.

Rules of the Road
Comments and discussion are welcomed and encouraged. Try and conduct yourselves respectfully. Nasty words and conduct will be moderated and banned. If you want to link to this site, or portions of my articles, be my guest as long as you publish and give clear credit to the site.

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  • Kayo writes:
    October 19th, 200910:04 amat

    Our new schedule:
    Mon-Fri 8am-8pm (8am-11am for breakfast)
    Sat 12pm-7pm
    Sun Closed

    Addition to our current menu,
    Japanese breakfas set $5.5 is available
    2-Omusubi(rice balls),Grilled salmon, Savory egg custard,Seaweed salad,Pickles,

    Daily Miso soup $2

  • Wendy writes:
    November 17th, 20097:07 pmat

    Hi. I am looking for a food cart, preferably pizza, for a party at my house on Friday, December 18th about 4:40-6:30. About 35 people, half will be kindergarteners. Fun!

  • Farm to Trailer: A Food Cart for Locavores in Austin | Life Is Fare writes:
    January 12th, 20117:49 pmat

    […] was intrigued by the number of food carts in Austin lined up along Lamar Square and can’t wait to visit sometime. Even Bourdain was […]

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