Me So Hungry
April 12th, 2010 by MikeK

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1104 E.6th St.


Mon – Fri lunch starting at 11:00am
Wed – Sat 7:00pm – 3:00 am


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Twitter: @mesohungry

Food Description
Asian fusion.


Me So Fresh Rolls- Rice paper wrappers filled with your choice of meat/ cooked shrimp, sautéed lemon grass tofu, sweetened portabella mushroom with mixed greens, shredded fresh carrots, bean sprouts, and cilantro. Served with a delicious, spicy or regular peanut dipping sauce.

2 FOR $4.00 or 3 FOR $5.50

The Zen- Your choice of BBQ Pork, BBQ Chicken, Lemongrass Tofu or Sweet ‘Shrooms – mixed greens topped with water chestnuts, shredded carrots, bean sprouts, cucumbers, fresh cilantro and crushed peanuts.
Dress it with Meynie’s Sauce, Sweet Chili, or Rooster Ranch. $7.00


Me So Hungry’s Banh Mi- (Oriental BBQ Pork/Chicken Sandwich) Slices of tenderized sweetened pork or chicken, marinated in our 24 hour sauce, served on French bread and spread in our Signature Sweet Cilantro Mayo. Sliced cucumbers, slivers of jalapeno, shredded pickled carrots, and cilantro.
Or pick from Lemongrass Tofu, or Sweet Portabella
*Substitute with Sadie spread- a vegan friendly sauce
*Substitute the pork for Oriental seasoned grilled chicken or Vegetarian lemon grass tofu
$5.00 ea.

The Sweet Shroom – Sweet Portabella Mushroom topped with water chestnuts, cucumbers, mixed greens, served with our homemade rooster ranch on Rye bread.

$6.00 ea.
Add a fried egg for .50 more

Noodle Dishes

Pad Laos Noodles- Stir- fryed medium sized rice noodles with your choice of sweetend BBQ pork, BBQ chicken, shrimp, or lemon grass tofu. Includes bean sprouts, green cabbage, shredded carrots, topped with sprinkled ground peanuts and cilantro. Perfect pairing with sweet chili sauce or Sriacha sauce.

Regular Bowl w/BBQ Chicken $5.00
Regular Bowl w/BBQ Pork $5.00
Regular Bowl w/ Shrimp $5.00
Regular Bowl w/ Tofu $5.00

Large Plate w/Chicken $7.50
Large Plate w/BBQ Pork $7.50
Large Plate w/Shrimp $7.50

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